The New Issue for Journal of Quranic Researches

Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy just published the issue no.92  for Journal of Qur'anic Researches. This journal is provided by Journals Office of the Research Center for Civilizational Islam in Khorasan Razavi. This issue has seven articles and the abstracts of the articles are available on the journal's website through the following link:
The titles of the papers are as follows:
1.    Mahmoud Makvand; Narjes Tavakkoli Mohammadi, The Semantic Study of Yaḥyā b. Salām’s Perspectives Concerning the Qur’anic Terminology
2.    Hasan Rezaee Haftador; Mohammad Ali Esma’ili; Saifali Zahedifar, Assessment of the “Punishment Cessation” Theory in Dr. Sadeqi Tehrani’s View
3.    Payman Salehi; Tahereh Afshar, Critical Discourse Analysis of the Story of the Prophet Moses (A.S.) in the Holy Qur’an (Based on Norman Fairclough Model)
4.    Mohsen Zareie Jaliliyan; Ahmad Ja’fari, An Inquiry into the Interpretation of Arba‘ati Ayyām (Four Days) of Sūrat Fuṣṣilat
5.    Ali Asadi, The Functionology of Repetition of the Qur’anic Stories with an Emphasis on the Correlation of the Verse of the Sūras in Purpose (Case Study of the Folk of Thamūd’s Story)
6.    Ameneh Shahandeh, Comparison of Two Qur’anic and Ḥadīth Approaches in Interpretation of Ẓulm to Shirk in Verse 82 of Sūrat al-An‘ām
7.    Muhammad Ali Raghebi; Ma’sume Sadat Farahi, Studying the Article “Contracts and Alliances” of the Leiden Encyclopedia of the Qur’an

Source: Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy


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