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The Department for Political Sciences, one of the three departments in Research Center for Political Sciences and Thought started its activities in 1995 along with the two other departments known as "political jurisprudence and political philosophy" with aim of presenting political knowledge based on Islamic resources, identity studies and identity making in the field of political sciences and continued its activities in two levels:

1. Level of research domain
In this level, the department works on 11 research domains (including, political sociology, political psychology, international relations, regional studies, political geography, political history, political anthropology, political economics, public policy, Islamic world and minor issues) from which has dealt more with some of the areas. 

2. Level of thematic priority
In this level, four topics (Islamic Revolution, Islamic Republic of Iran's issues, Clergy, Islamic world) have been prioritized for the researchers of the department for political sciences that in each of these four aforementioned topics, there were some projects considered including the macro-projects for thematic priorities that has been compiled and implemented, and since 1994, most research projects were conducted in the form of books, discussions, specialized meetings, conferences and special quarterly journals on the two levels.

At first, the department continued its activities with the management of Reza Isania until 2004 for eight years and the members of research council of the department were Dr. Sayyid Mohammad Taqi Aleqafour, Dr. Ali Shirkhani, Dr.Mohammad Sotudeh, Dr.Masud Abdolhossein Pourfard, Dr.Alireza Zahiri and Dr. Abdolwahhab Forati; Most of the projects and activities, from choosing and approving the research topics to the topics of meetings and books critique were implemented after consultation with the members and of course the approval of the research council members in Research Center for Political Sciences and Thought. The department for Political Sciences with having the research council members usually held great meetings and provided the scientific society with fairly great works in terms of quantity, quality and content. Dr. Abdolwahhab Forati became the manager of the department in 2004 and managed the department for 10 years and during this period, great works in the forms of book, conference, and series of dialogue and articles were published.

In 2014, Dr. Reza Isania was appointed as the manager that in this period members of research council including Dr. Ali Akbari Moallem, assistant professor and faculty member, Dr. Majid Moballeghi, assistant professor and faculty member, Dr. Alireza Zahiri, researcher as faculty member, Mokhtar Shaikh Hosseini, assistant professor and faculty member, Dr. Reza Isania, assistant professor and the department manager, Sayyid Sajjad Aleghafour as the expert of the department, collaborated and worked with the department for political sciences and conducted the affairs in the department.

The research domain of the department

a. Research areas
1. Political sociology
2. Political psychology
3. International relations
4. Regional studies
5. Political geography of geopolitics
6. Political history
7. Political anthropology
8. Political economics
9. Public policy
10. Minor issues

b. Thematic Priorities
1. Islamic revolution
2. Islamic Republic of Iran's issues
3. Clergy
4. Islamic World
کلمات کليدي
Philosophy of Politics
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