Monday, September 30, 2019 The Department for Conduct of Ahlulbayt
The Department for Conduct of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) affiliated to the Research Center for Ahlulbayt History and Conduct currently carries out its activities in the field of history and different aspects of the Infallible Imams.

Knowing the conduct (Sireh) means a strategic study in biological methods of one individual considering time, place, and circumstances. Accordingly, the department of conduct carries out the following plans, in order to explain different aspects of the Fourteen Infallibles' life.

a. Providing a historical, scientific, and documented collection from the Fourteen Infallibles' life.
b. Providing the society with an appropriate model    
c. Removing superstitions from people's beliefs about the Fourteen Infallibles.
d. Carrying out scientific and strategic research in different aspects of the Fourteen Infallibles' conduct.
e. Review and examination of heterogeneous hadiths about the Fourteen Infallibles.
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Conduct of Ahlulbayt, Ahlulbayt History
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