Thursday, July 11, 2019
The Department for Mahdism Studies is a scientific-research department which through using the theological, philosophical, mystical, cultural, social and psychological foundations, tries to investigate and explain the topics related to Mahdism with a practical and fundamental perspective about the general, specific, minor, major, internal and external fields.  

Areas of Activities
The theological-philosophical foundations of Mahdism
The new theological issues of Mahdism
The pathology and doubts of Mahdism
The comparative-theological studies of Mahdism
The interpretation of verses of Mahdism in The Holy Quran
An examination of exegetes' viewpoint in the field of Mahdism
A documentary examination of Mahdism traditions
A content and evidential examination of Mahdism traditions
Methodology and basic topics of Mahdism ethics and education
The ethical and educational dimensions of the Waiting Community: (individual and social)
The ethical and educational dimensions of Mahdism Ideal City 
The ethical and educational pathology of the Waiting Community
Methodology and basic political and social topics of Mahdism 
The political and social dimensions of the Mahdism Ideal City 
The sociopolitical dimensions of the Waiting community
The political and social pathology of the Waiting community
The comparative studies of sociopolitical dimensions of Mahdism
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Mahdiism Studies, Mahdiism
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