Sunday, October 21, 2018 Research Center for Quranic Sciences and Culture
The Research Center for Quranic Sciences and Culture was established in 1988 under the title of "The Center for Quranic Culture and Knowledge and with aim of promotion of Quranic knowledge and culture as well as defending the legitimacy of its teachings. The research center has contributed greatly to advance the Quranic activities in Qom Seminary by having a novel view on the areas of Quranic interpretation, translation and subjects.


•    Management and development of the methods of Quranic studies
•    Considering the needs of the modern society in the researches
•    Development of the Quranic culture
•    Development of the Quranic studies based on the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt (a)
•    Reestablishing the structure of society according to the Quranic teachings
•    Discussion, interaction, and partnership with the Quranic research centers and institutes
•    Application of the scientific elites of seminary and university in Quranic studies
•    Observation, analysis, and criticism of the skepticisms
•    Facilitate the access to the Quranic sources by the compilation of comprehensive interpretations (sequential and thematic), learning material, translations, and encyclopedias.
•    Discovery of the subjective connection, and the system of the Quranic teachings for organizing the Quranic civilization studies
•    Presentation of sequential and thematic exegesis and translation of the Quran for various groups
•    Provision of the needs of educational centers in the areas of the exegesis and translation of the Quran
•    Propagation of the Quranic knowledge in the format of educational texts
•    Reproduction of the exegeses based on new needs and necessities
•    Development of the exegesis and translation heritage

•    Codification of the long-term and short-term goals and plans for the research activities of the research center
•    Presentation of the suggested policies for optimizing and updating the activities of the research center
•    Identification and active connection with the centers active in the same areas and using their experience and potentials
•    Employing the researchers in the areas of exegesis, translation, and authors of educational texts 
•    Study in the areas of sequential and thematic exegesis, and translation of Quran
•    Identification of the current issues and shortcomings and compilation of exegeses and translations for the needs of the contemporary society
•    Holding sessions for criticism and study in the areas of exegesis, translation, and educational texts
•    Assessment of the works and current programs of the research center 
•    Identification of the educational goals regarding the needs of the audience for authoring educational texts
•    Presentation of the criteria for the standard translation of the Quran and a template for categorizing the translations
•    Compilation and presentation of the yearly activities of the research center
•    Identification, gathering, and categorizing the sources and issues related to exegesis and translation of the Quran
•    Suggestion of topics for the research, books, articles, and theses
•    Counseling researchers, authors of books, articles, and theses

Research Departments
The Department for Exegesis of The Holy Quran
The Department for Quranic Sciences 
The Department for Comparative Studies
The Department for Quranic Encyclopedias
The Department for Quranic Dictionaries
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Research Center
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