The Libraries and Documents Office

One of the offices affiliated to research deputyship of ISCA is the Libraries and Documents Office. The office has some departments including the department of book organization and library acquisitions as well as the department of librarians and study halls. The central book stack, the public and lending book stack, Shahid Sadr study hall, Molla Sadra study hall, Shaikh Tusi study hall, Shaikh Saduq and Kashif Al-qita' study halls, are the various places managed by the libraries and documents office. There are 21 staff working in the libraries and most of them have M.A degree or even higher.

The goal of the library is to provide the faculty members, researchers and experts of ISCA as well as students of Islamic Seminary and university students with the written and digital resources.
The date of this library establishment can be traced back to the time prior to Iranian Islamic revolution founded by Imam Khomeini. But after the revolution, the number of study halls and book stacks of the library was multiplied.

The libraries under the coverage of fields such as Quranic interpretation, Quranic sciences, jurisprudence and law, philosophy and theology, political sciences and thought, history and conduct of Ahlulbayt, Mahdiism and futurology, ethics and education, Economics and sociology and Occidentalism, have collected up-to-date and reliable resources. The number of existing resources in the library is over 120000 titles and 250000 volumes. Also, the number of English resources is 5200 titles and 8000 volumes. The library has got press archives and a significant number of manuscripts and lithography. 

The library's software
The bibliographic software and the Simorgh digital library software have been used based on the WEB in this office.
Library of Congress Classification (LC) is the basis for organizing information libraries under the management of this office and so far over 250000 books have been catalogued and have been recorded in the Simorgh bibliographic software.
The website and free access to information
The access to bibliographic information is free for everyone through the following link:

Shaikh Saduq Study Hall and the Lending and Public Book Stacks
Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy has devoted Shaikh Saduq Study Hall to supporting reading books in order to be used by university and Islamic seminary students. This hall is ready to serve book lovers from 7 am to 21 pm. The hall is also used for book lovers who need to borrow the books. This library is ready to deliver the lending books.
Shahid Sadr and Kashif Al-Qita' Study Halls

The faculty members and researchers of ISCA work at Shahid Sadr and Kashif Al-Qita' Study Halls and can benefit from the various services to study and produce research. The specialized facilities including desks, computers, Internet, Noor network software and other tools that can meet their research needs.

Shaikh Tusi Study Hall
One of the most important libraries in the specialized field of Quranic interpretation and sciences is the specialized library of the Research Center for Quranic Sciences and Culture affiliated to ISCA. In this library, there exists over 25000 titles in 50000 volumes as well as Quranic translations in 60 different languages. There are also 770 Quranic theses for Quranic researchers to use. Most of the resources of this library is in Arabic. 

The libraries and documents office currently consists of a director, a library specialist, experts for librarians and study halls, the expert for the libraries organization and acquisition and 20 more experts.    
1.    Director of the office
2.    Librarians specialist 
3.    Expert for librarians and study halls
4.    Expert for the libraries organization and acquisition
5.    Expert of Librarian (provision and registration)
6.    Expert of Librarian (digital resources)
7.    Expert of Librarian (press and digital resources)
8.    Expert of Librarian (resources identification)
9.    Expert of Librarian (information websites)
10.  Expert of Librarian (research)
11.  Expert of digital library (2 experts)
12. Expert of cataloguing (2 experts)
13. Expert of Librarian (10 experts)



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