The Department for Islamic Culture and Civilization 
The department for Islamic Culture and Civilization is affiliated to Research Center for Ahlulbyat History and Conduct. 

An accurate study of the history of Islam in various aspects, especially Islamic culture and civilization, will help us to understand the religion of
Islam and its leaders better. In this regard, the department pursues the following goals and duties:

a. Identifying the cultural aspects and Islamic civilization and explaining its place and contribution to world civilization and production of science.
b. Explaining the causes of progress and decline of Islamic civilization.
c. Conducting studies and research on political, social, and cultural history of Islamic world in different eras in order to provide the context for other studies and research. 
The Encyclopedia of Ahlulbayt


The Encyclopedia of Ahlulbayt was established under supervision of Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy affiliated to Islamic Propagation Office Qom Seminary.
The Encyclopedia includes a collection of systematic and scientific information focusing on The Fourteen Infallibles. Therefore, figures, tribes, cities, and places, theological, Quranic, political, social, jurisprudential, and ethical concepts related to Ahlulbayt will be considered in this collection.  

The Necessity 
The need for easy and quick access to a valid and reliable reference in order to know figures and teachings of Ahlulbayt in the national and international level as well as to present a scientific and comprehensive collection in this field with regard to lacking such work with these features, make compiling the encyclopedia as necessary.


1. Documentary and dynamic explanation of Ahlulbayt figures and teachings in line with wise defense of them. 
2. Reviewing the teachings of Ahlulbayt with regard to the contemporary needs.
3. Developing and empowering the teachings of Ahlulbayt.
4. Wiping out the ignorance and superstitions of the Ahlulbayt's knowledge.
5. Explaining the place of Ahlulbayt in sciences.
6. Answering the questions and doubts in the national and international level systematically and scientifically, in the field of conduct and teachings of Ahlulbayt.
7. Recognizing the different aspects of Ahlulbayt's history and conduct.
8. Identifying and evaluating the scientific heritage of Ahlulbayt and their related works.

1. Considering the intellectual, social, and cultural needs in the international and national levels.
2. Using the scientific literature and avoiding verbal literature.
3. Having commitment to proximity of Islamic communities.
4. Considering the comparative topics when need.
5. Using the scientific capacities of universities and Islamic Seminary.
6. Sticking with innovation in the structure of topics, analyses, compilation, and conclusion.
7. Avoiding raising doubtful and humiliating ideas and perspectives unless in some cases that they are necessary to be raised or criticized.
8. Emphasizing the focus on Ahlulbayt in authoring the papers. 

The encyclopedia is compiled with the aim of providing a credit and scientific reference for researchers, the experts of Islamic sciences and humanities and university students, presented in the level of world class. However, all the lovers can use it with regard to their appropriateness to their knowledge.

The Presentation of the Encyclopedia
1. The encyclopedia is presented in both printed and electronic forms.
2. All the papers of the encyclopedia will be uploaded gradually on the encyclopedia website after publishing in printed form.
3. The original copy of the encyclopedia is published gradually, volume after volume in Persian.

The Encyclopedia Website
1. The Encyclopedia Website has started its activities in autumn, 2014, with the aim of revealing the content of encyclopedia and introduction of appropriate resources for studies related to Ahlulbayt. Considering the following points shows the necessity of creating such website:
The necessity of being present on social media.
Lack of ideal richness of activities related to Ahlulbayt on social media.
Presenting the papers of the encyclopedia on social media.
Creating a website to propose, send, and receive the entries.
In addition, some objectives have been considered such as, providing accurate, ideal and timely notification on encyclopedia activities; ideal review of written activities of the encyclopedia on social media; and creating a scientific environment for authors of entries and other researchers in the field of Ahlulbayt history to have access to the related resources. 

An Introduction to sections of the website
The encyclopedia website has two general sections of "main menu" and" information bank". 
The main menu consists of the following items:
a. News
The encyclopedia website does not have any approach for news. However, it deals with the different sections of the encyclopedia and related news about honored research on Ahlulbayt. In this section, the news for research calls related to Ahlulbayt as well as the summary of the meetings on the Fourteen Infallibles are uploaded. 

Scientific Council

The scientific council of the encyclopedia consists of 13 members who are in charge of determining and approving the entries and macro-projects of the encyclopedia. In this section, the complete resumes of the council members are available and it is possible to download and view their papers.

In this section, the titles of the encyclopedia's entries are presented alphabetically and based on a thematic categorization. In addition, the original entries will be available in this section electronically, after having been authored and published. In addition, items related to each entry such as papers, theses, encyclopedias, etc. will be available in other sections so that the access to the materials related to the entries would be easier. 

The encyclopedia database consists of the following items:<