Wednesday, July 31, 2019
The Department for Quranic Sciences


Conducting research on the issues related to Quran, providing the prerequisites of Quran interpretation, organizing the presuppositions, foundations, rules, methods, and principles of interpretation.

1. Identifying, prioritizing, and updating the studies of knowing the holy Quran in national and international levels.
2. Focusing on the method of understanding and interpreting the holy Quran and examining the challenges and then bringing solutions for them.
3. Redesigning the topics and methods of Quranic sciences to develop and empower the Islamic sciences.
4. Advancing and creating the methods to achieve the humanities and Quran-based systematization
5. Answering the doubts in the field of Quranic Sciences.
کلمات کليدي
The Department for Quranic Sciences, Quranic Sciences, Quranic doubts
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