With the advent of Islamic revolution in Iran, religious studies entered a new phase of growth and proliferation. In 1979, a cultural and preaching institution was established on the order of Imam Khomeini (in Qom). This institution was later on called Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary. The main duty of this institution was to deal with cultural concerns and address religious questions raised by the newly established Islamic political system in Iran. In addition to undertaking propagation-related activities, it added (later on) education and research works, to its menu of activities.
    In 1983, the need to study Islamic original sources and the need to revive Islamic culture in accordance with the demands of time prompted the authorities to establish the first research center of Islamic Propagation Office under the title of Islamic Studies and Research Center. As this center gradually flourished, it turned into four academies (related to Islamic philosophy and Islamic theology, Jurisprudence and Laws, Political Sciences and Thought, History and Conduct of Ahlulbayt) and three research centers (belonging to revival of Islamic works, glossary of Islamic sciences and answering religious questions).
     Lack of scholarly Quranic studies (in the country) caused Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary to establish an independent center to address this concern. Having attracted the best students of Quranic sciences and having already carried out many important research projects this center is now the greatest center for Quranic studies in Iran. Given the need for scholarly studies on Mahdaviyat (the belief in final savior called Mahdi), the authorities have also established Mahdaviyat Academy and Future-related studies, the first of its kind in this area.
      Considering the need for studying cultural conditions of the society and environmental requirements, in 2008, the Academy authorities began to establish a center for cultural and social studies.
The Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy affiliated to Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary which started its activities under the title of Islamic Studies and Research Center in 1984, was established with the definitive license of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
The Academy is a seminary-affiliated, research and scientific institution which deals with explicating and expanding the belief, perception and Islamic values and also cogitation and development of Islamic sciences and knowledge, through playing an active mediating role among seminaries according to the religious needs of people and The Islamic Republic of Iran. 

کلمات کليدي
Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy, History

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