Executive board of recruitment
The faculty members of ISCA play an important role in fulfilling scientific-cultural missions and goals of Iran. The process of recruitment and clerks' status change are of the most important faculty affairs office which is time-consuming and has special time limits. The result of going through the two aforementioned process affects the salary and benefits of faculty members. Benefiting the educational and research institutes from executive board of recruitment indicates the officials' attempt and credit of the aforementioned institute in Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to carry out the affairs of faculty members.

Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy established the executive board of recruitment in 2015 to accelerate the process of conducting the affairs related to recruitment and changing the status of faculty members' employment at ISCA and Baqir al-Olum University. The secretariat of executive board of recruitment is located in Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy and the company is in the process of performing the related tasks.


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