Saturday, November 03, 2018 Center for Revival of the Islamic Works
The Center for Revival of Islamic Works was established with the aim of critical reconstruction of the major Shia manuscripts. The center has published 176 books so far from the lasting research Shia works, by using the prominent researchers in the field of critical correction of the manuscripts as well as using the latest findings in this arena, and it is known as one of the most effective centers in this area. So far, 24 works of the center have been appreciated well in Iranian scientific festivals including Iranian Year Book Festival and Seminary Year Book Festival. Today, the Center for Revival of the Islamic Works focuses mainly on the two fields of publication and correction of classic Shia manuscripts as well as bibliography and codicology.

•    Preserving the scientific, religious, historical identity of the Shia Seminary
•    Benefitting from the scientific written heritage in the religious studies
•    Highlighting the positive role of the Shia scholars in the Islamic civilization
•    Recognition of the scientific and intellectual viewpoints and innovations of Shia scholars
•    Honoring and admiring Shia scholars
•    Identification of the Shia thinkers and scholars and their thoughts
•    Benefitting from the scientific resources in fulfilling the current needs
•    Spreading the Shia thought among the thinkers of the Islamic world
•    Foundation of a concise bibliographical and codicological database

•    Correcting and updating the methods of text editing and preserving the authenticity of the texts and sources of the Islamic sciences
•    Accurate and solid research regarding the Islamic heritage, according to the newest methods of editing
•    Identification of the questions regarding the Islamic teachings and answering them using the scientific heritage
•    Innovation and specialization of the publications
•    Enrichment of the works by performing critical and comparative editions
•    Expansion of the culture of precise and critical editing in the Shia seminary
•    Fulfilling the needs of the institutes, centers, and research departments of the Islamic Science and Culture Academy
•    Avoiding repetitive researches
•    Facilitating the access of the researchers to the sources
•    Group research and using all of the related potentials and specialties in performing the research plans

The Department for Islamic Works Rivival and Correction 
Correction is the technique and knowledge, which uses specific methods to edit and present old manuscripts. The Department for Islamic Works Revival and Correction is responsible for repairing and publishing the primary texts of the Shia thought, according to the defined duties of focus on accuracy and solidity, and in accordance to the newest methods of correction. The department corrects the texts critically by analyzing the current and future needs of the researchers. The department published the works of great Shia scholars, in the form of the collections of the works of figures (Mawsu’at a’lam al-Shia) and the specialized collections of the works, and single works.

•    Planning for the preservation and revival of the historical works in the religion and Islamic knowledge field
•    Acting on the preservation and revival of the works
•    Applying the rules, regulations, national conventions regarding the preserving and reviving the works
•    Making and fulfilling the strategic and emergency plans for preservation of the works
•    Making action plans of documentation, pathology, preservation, and publication of the works
•    Cooperation with the other centers working in the field
•    Reporting as needed

Department for Codicology and Bibliography
The Codicology and Bibliography Department focuses on finding the best manuscripts and printed texts of the important Shia works on different subjects, considering the authenticity, antiquity, being nearer to the author’s era, being the handwriting of the author, and other factors, referring to the catalogs of libraries.

•    Study the methods of codicology
•    Checking the manuscripts considering the codicological information (title, author, beginning, ending, etc.)
•    Codicology (font, scribe, number of pages, gilding, date, marginal notes, etc.)
•    Identification of manuscripts in various fields of Islamic sciences
•    Cooperation in the yearly and short-term research plans
•    Study and assessment of manuscripts and lithographic copies
•    Following up the requests of the researchers
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