Thursday, February 28, 2019 The Department for Political Philosophy
The Department for Political Philosophy is one the three departments in Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences. The first activities of the department traces back to 1997 to 2002. It can be claimed that the department, at the time of its establishment, was the only active political department and the first political philosophy department in Iran.

Dr. Mohammad Pezeshgi was the first director of the department and then Dr. Morteza Yousefi Rad was the director of the department. In recent years, Dr. Ahmad Reza Yazdani Moghadam and now Dr. Sharif Lakazai have been director of this department.
So far, nearly one hundred research projects have been conducted in the political philosophy department, which over sixty of them are going to be published after completion. The research projects" the political thought of Muslim thinkers, transcendental political wisdom in form of transcendental policy, political peripatetic wisdom, ethics and politics and philosophy of politics are among the prominent projects of the

The department has held more than a hundred scientific meetings. Also, over ten meetings for book critique in the fields of political philosophy as well as about ten research workshops have been held in the department.

The first conference of" transcendental policy from the viewpoint of transcendental wisdom" was planned and held by this department under the supervision of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli. So far, 16 works have been published form this series and there will be some new forthcoming

Having plans to hold a symposium for the experts in the domain of political philosophy in order to examine the status of political philosophy in Iran are among the upcoming plans of the department for political philosophy.

The department for political philosophy was also the first political philosophy department in Iran to launch and publish a quarterly of political philosophy.

The research domain of the department for political philosophy

A. Research Areas

1. Political philosophy
2. Political theology
3. Political mysticism
4. Political ethics
5. Political anthropology
6. Political methodology and epistemology 
7. The philosophy of politics

B. Thematic Priorities
1. The contemporary philosophical-political movements in Iran
2. The challenges of political philosophy in Islamic Republic of Iran
3. The contemporary political philosophy in Islamic world
4. The contemporary political philosophy in West
5. The new issues in methodology
6. The critique of political works

The research macro-projects of the department for political philosophy
1. The political thought of Muslim thinkers
2. Political Ethics
3. Political wisdom of illumination 
4. Political peripatetic wisdom 
5. Political philosophy of Islamic Republic of Iran
6. The Contemporary political philosophy
7. The philosophy of ethics
8. Wahy(revelation) in Islamic political philosophy 
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