Sunday, September 15, 2019 The Department for Shiites History
The Department for Shiites History is one of the departments of the Research center for History and Ahlulbayt conduct that examines the ups and downs of Shiites history in a variety of political, cultural, social, economic, and religious aspects and studies strategically the following items:

a. Recognizing the Shiites throughout the history and introducing the various aspects and features of their culture, education, politics, and society.
b. Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the Shiites and presenting the factors of progress and decadence of the Ahlulbayt followers.
c. Introducing unknown aspects of Shiite history and Shiite intellectual and practical evolution throughout history.
d. Introducing the common points between Shi'a past and present events and utilizing the past in order to plan for the future.
e. Examination, evaluation and critique of historical resources related to Shiites and history of Shiites.
کلمات کليدي
Shiite History, History of Shiite, Ahlulbayt History
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