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The Department for Philosophy of Jurisprudence and Law is in charge of research and study of jurisprudence and law with an external view and answers the questions brought up in the fields of method, foundation, resources and goals of Islamic jurisprudence and law.


The most important goals of this department are as follows:
1. Explaining and revising the basics and theoretical frameworks of jurisprudential science in order to consolidate and develop it in various personal and social fields.
2. Explaining and illustrating the legal system of Islam and proving its superiority to other legal systems.
3. Providing effective jurisprudential models to answer the basic needs and questions of human and contemporary society.
4. Providing reasonable analyses for jurisprudential and legal teachings
5. Explaining the foundations of Islamic Republic of Iran and answering its needs.
6. Identifying the gaps, needs, harms, and problems of jurisprudential philosophy and legal philosophy of Islamic republic system.
7. Explaining and revising the foundations, resources, objectives, history and methods of Islamic jurisprudence and law inference.
8. Identifying the aforementioned challenges and questions which Islamic jurisprudence and law has faced with them and trying to answer them wisely.
9. Transferring the needs in the field of inference to philosophy of jurisprudence and turning them into some topics in the form of philosophy of jurisprudence.
10. Shifting the profound skills of jurisprudential philosophy from merely scientific topics to practical topics.
11. Quantitative and qualitative development of philosophy of jurisprudence in the framework of its nature and role or with the aim of answering the needs of novel issues inference.
12. Providing the necessary scientific context to promote the theorization in the philosophy of jurisprudence and law.


In order to fulfill the aforementioned goals, this department is in charge of the following duties:

1. Study, research and implementation of research projects in the fields of:
•    History, philosophy and the foundations of Islamic jurisprudence and law
•    The new topics of jurisprudential and legal philosophy especially for the needed topics of Islamic republic system.
•    The old topics of jurisprudential and legal philosophy which need to be reviewed especially the required topics in Islamic republic system.
•    The legal system of Islam and its comparison to other legal systems.
•    The effective legal and jurisprudential models and theories.
2. Identifying the doubts related to philosophy of Islamic ruling and providing rational analyses to convince the audience's minds.
3. Identifying the gaps, needs, harms and problems of jurisprudential and legal philosophy of Islamic republic system.
4. Providing series of notification (bibliography, dictionary, lexicon, etc.)
5. Providing the context for growth and development of knowledge and abilities of the department's researchers through holding the educational workshops, meetings and scientific dialogues as well as creating research opportunities.
6. Identifying, attracting and hiring the skilled researchers and experts, and supporting researchers in the field of philosophy of jurisprudence and law at Islamic Seminary to provide context for their growth and development.
7. Notifying the Islamic seminaries about new questions and challenges of the Islamic community and system in the arenas of philosophy of jurisprudence and Islamic law.
8. Communicating and collaborating with scientific, research and executive centers organizations, associations and institutes in order to advance the department's goals.
9. Having an active and constructive tie and cooperation with other research centers and subunits of ISCA with the aim of implementing the common projects and avoiding the repetitive projects.

Research Domains
The Department for Philosophy of Jurisprudence and Law conducts research in the following domains:
1. Conducting studies and research on all the challenging issues in the society which are about jurisprudential philosophy, especially the basic issues related to religious government in the domain of department for philosophy of Islamic jurisprudence and law. 
2. Explaining, rejecting and verifying those issues (theology, law and ethics) related to jurisprudence, which need to be investigated in terms of their effectiveness are considered to be within the realm of this department.
3. Considering the necessity of philosophy of some Islamic rulings on the one hand, and the absence of an independent research department in the research center on the other hand, currently, the issues related to philosophy of Islamic rulings is temporarily within the realm of this department.
4. Conducting research and studies on philosophy of science independently is not within the realm of this department, but studying, counseling and holding scientific meetings in order to gain great knowledge of its main pivots and its adaptation to Islamic jurisprudence and law are within the realm of this department.
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