Saturday, February 16, 2019 The Department for Family Studies
The Department for Family Studies, based on the needs of the community for the scientific recognition of the family and Islamic principles, tries to use Interdisciplinary research in the analysis of family issues, including marriage, marital relationships, parenting, consolidation and promotion of family structure and function, and reduction of marital problems and harm.
By carefully conducting scientific research, the department seeks to understand the concept of family clearly, criticize and review the family-oriented theories and, present ideal patterns in the family domain with an Islamic approach.
Therefore, the mission of the department is to organize fundamental and applied research in order to expand the scientific perspective on family in Iran and generally to solve related issues of the Family Department in the system of intellectual-cultural centers. Accordingly, the mission and objectives of this group are as follows:

Conducting study and research in the field of family issues in terms of structure, relationships and family system.

Long-term Goals
1. Identification of family harm and designing interventions based on prevention and treatment to deal with family harm.
2. Presenting a superior pattern for Islamic ideal family
3. Introducing and identifying the foundations, principles and structures of Islamic family system.

Short-term Goals
Conducting study and research to:
1. Discover couples' patterns of communication and determine their scale based on Islamic teachings.
2. Investigate cognitive harm in spouses relationships and their reform methods with regard to Islamic sources.
3. Identify the areas of marital harm among social network users and satellite channels viewers
4. Prepare a comprehensive educational and counseling package to increase intimacy in marital relationships.

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