Wednesday, February 20, 2019 The Department for Wisdom and New Theology
The Islamic Propagation Office in Khorasan Razavi established a research department under the title of "Islamic philosophy and theology" in 1995. The aforementioned department that currently has been recognized under the title of "wisdom and new theology" (one of the four departments in the Research center for Civilizational Islam affiliated to Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy), with a history of more than two decades and with the collaboration of 50 experts in philosophy and Islamic philosophy, has been able to implement several projects in the form of books, articles, memos, and great scientific meetings with the participation of the elites of the Islamic Seminary and universities. The New Wisdom and Theology Department, as one of the most prominent research departments of the Islamic Propagation Office, has set the following objectives in order to achieve its vision and based on that has implemented its plans:

Developing and promoting the philosophical and theological thought tailored to solve the new issues in the society

1. Deepening and developing the religious thought in the arena of philosophical and theological knowledge.
2. Explaining and defending the religious beliefs 
3. Strengthening the philosophical-theological foundations of Islamic system.

1. Reflecting and reconstructing the Islamic philosophy in order to answer the problems of the contemporary humans
2. Analyzing the religious intellectual movements in Islamic world.
3. Explaining the confrontation between tradition and modernity
4. Identifying the ways of reconstruction and revival of religion in the contemporary world
5. Reflecting and reconstructing the philosophical-theological tradition of Islam to solve the new theological challenges

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