Saturday, November 10, 2018 Center for Scientific and International Cooperation

Effective scientific and research collaboration are the primary objectives of the Center for Scientific Cooperation and International Relation. The center tries extending the research cooperation in the field of Islamic studies. Holding scientific sessions, planning for national and international connections, participating in exhibitions and fairs are the fields of activities of the center.

1. Paving the way for national and international interaction and presentation of the scientific products of the academy according to the needs of the audience
2. Development and extension of national and international scientific and cultural cooperation
3. Supporting the faculty members and researchers for participation in national and international cultural and scientific events

Introducing research strengths, creating and developing a scientific relationship with prominent figures and research centers and organizing scientific sessions and meetings as well as conferences and their media coverage.

The center consists of four departments:

1. The department for scientific cooperation
2. The office for international affairs
3. Translations Unit
4. Office of Ceremonies



Full name


Center for Scientific and International Coordination

Rajab Ali Esfandyar


Masha Allah Papi Joharzadeh

Office Assistant

Office for scientific cooperation

Jalal Araqi


Abasalt Qarib

Expert for Scientific Cooperation

Qasem Jafarzadeh

Expert for sessions and meetings

Ali Mirzaei

Expert for Media and Relations

Office for International Affairs

Hassan Abdipoor


Sayyid Ebrahim Abbasi

International Expert

Edalat Abedini

International Expert

ALI Amerinejad

International Expert

Translation Unit

Mohammad Taqi Mohammadian

Expert in Charge of Translation

Mohammad Reza Amouhosseini

Translation Expert

Office for Cermonies

Abasalt Qarib

Expert in Charge of Cermonies

Mazaher Rezaei

Expert for Cermonies

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