Saturday, July 20, 2019
The Department for Quranic Encyclopedias

The Main Mission

•    Providing the Quranic Encyclopedias for various groups of age and education and different scientific trends as well as conducting research, studies, and research projects on principles and foundations of writing Quranic encyclopedias are the missions of this department.

    Facilitating and accelerating the achievement of Quranic teachings in the form of using the methods of encyclopedia writing.

•    Compiling various Quranic encyclopedias with different trends and for different groups.
•    Compiling specialized Quranic encyclopedias based on different trends of the sciences.
•    Methodology of Quranic encyclopedia writing for world of Islam.
•    Examination and Pathology of the method to write Quranic Encyclopedia for world of Islam.
•    Examination and critique of Orientalist Encyclopedias
•    Providing guidance and advice in the field of writing Quranic encyclopedia
•    Providing scientific relationships and interactions with national and international specialized research centers in the field of writing encyclopedia.
کلمات کليدي
Quranic Sciences, Quran, Quranic Encyclopedias
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