Monday, April 22, 2019

Mission and Goals
The Education Department at the Research Center for Ethics and Spirituality has defined its mission based on the problem-based approach of Intellectual and Cultural Centers in Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary.

Identifying and solving the theoretical issues of education and educational challenges of contemporary Iranian society and participating in development of Islamic ethical education and critique of competitive theories.

This mission is followed up in the form of the following long-term goals:

1. Critical review of moral education theories in line with Islamization of the humanities and compiling the Islamic theory of moral education in line with empowerment of Islamic moral education in order to solve the moral problems in contemporary Iranian society.
2. Extracting the system of theoretical issues and current challenges of contemporary Iran in the arena of moral education.
3. Increasing the general knowledge of Iranian in the arena of moral education and development through promotional and media activities.
4. Investigation the status of education in contemporary Iranian society to identify the current challenges and evaluate the effectiveness of theoretical findings in the field of education   
کلمات کليدي
Islamic Education, spirituality
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