Research Deputyship

An introduction to Research Deputyship

Research Deputyship is one of the two research deputyships in ISCA and based on the statute and articles of association of ISCA has the following duties:
1. Identifying the gaps and needs and determining the research priorities.
2. Investigation and evaluation of research activities and identifying the existing problems and issues and providing the corrective suggestions.
3. Supervising the activities of faculty members and scholars in order to have the researchers participate in scientific and cultural conferences.
4. Supervising the production of research works based on the research standards and criteria.
5. Setting the research standards, rules, regulations and criteria in the form of statute and instruction, and supervising their performance guarantee.
6. Planning in order to create collaboration between the research activities and the branches of Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary.
7. Optimizing and designing the systems and methods and taking the necessary actions to implement them in ISCA's research centers and centers

The deputyship has got three departments:
•    The office for library and documents
•    The department for research planning, supervision and evaluation
•    The Publications Office

Research Deputyship has three positions:
1. Research deputy
2. Office assistance 
3. Expert of research affairs


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