Sunday, January 06, 2019 Social Ethics
Undoubtedly, Ethics is one of the topics that has been included a wide range of Islamic religious texts and other monotheistic religions and human socio-intellectual systems. Thus, attempts to deal with ethical issues and beliefs are important missions of Islamic and human sciences. The Department of Social Ethics aims to provide a suitable context for reviewing, critique and moral theorizing with an Islamic approach in various social and family issues and also to explore the novel topics in this field according to new scientific and research methods. Therefore, this department not only aims to investigate the social ethics issues and titles, but also tries to investigate and consider the ethical issues and their relationship with the important areas of human life with a focus on family, through taking into account the dominant system of social and applied ethics in research projects and a focus on the intrareligion beliefs. Thus, the mission and goals of the department are as follows:

Study and research on family issues from the viewpoint of social ethics.

Long-term Goals
1.    Methodical and scholarly explanation of the foundation, principles and system of Islamic ethics especially in the area of social ethics and family issues.
2.    Pathology of ethical Issues in the family and the identifying the social family-related ethical challenges and bringing the ideal solutions. 
3.    Extracting and introducing patterns of ethical life from religious and scientific texts related to family issues.

Short-term Goals
Study and research to:
1.    Analysis of the causes and factors of family unjustness and finding solutions to resolve them.
2.    Analysis of the causes and factors of deception in the media and finding solutions to resolve them(especially for children and teenager audience).
3.    Investigating educational strategies promoting honesty and reducing unjustness from the point of view of Islamic ethics, especially in the family.
4.    Investigating the individual, family, and social effects of honesty / lies from the point of view of Islamic ethics, with an emphasis on worldly and social life effects.
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