Monday, February 18, 2019 The Department for Applied Jurisprudence
The jurisprudential activities of the Research Center for Civilizational Islam began in 1994; the research center developed and promoted its activities with regard to needs of Islamic Seminary and society as an independent department and under the title of "the research department for Islamic Jurisprudence and law".

Providing the scientific support for modern Islamic-Iranian civilization through conducting jurisprudential research related to the society needs.

Short-term Goals
Research in the fields of:
1. Descriptive reference studies and providing a proposal based on the jurisprudence of city and city living;
2. Conceptual structure for jurisprudence of city and city living.
3. Critique of Salafi foundations and perspectives on jurisprudence (Wahhabism).
4. Studies of Foundations and investigating the historical changes of comparative jurisprudence.

Long-term Goals

Research in the fields of 
1. Jurisprudence of city and city living
2. Philosophy of jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence related to Islamic civilization 
3. The study of jurisprudential religions movement in Islamic civilization 
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