Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Department of Islamic Theology
Theology is a set of topics which deals with arranging, organizing and explaining the religious doctrines and elimination of doubts through rational and narrative method. In this regard, the Department of Islamic Theology in the research center has included the study of theological schools and the thoughts of various theologians and their review, finding new answers and eliminating new doubts in their planning. This department, while at the same time pays special attention to the theological heritage of the past, it also attaches great importance to the philosophy of religion. Now, the scientific plans of theology department are organized in the form of macro-projects "Theological Teachings of Imamiyyah (the Twelver) Theologians" and" the Reason and Religion" and approved projects of the intellectual and cultural centers in Islamic propagation office of Qom Seminary, the compilation of thematic monographs on specific theological issues and currents and holding scientific meetings and debates. 
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