Tuesday, October 09, 2018 Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences
The Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences started its activities in Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy to carry out research and studies in the field of Islamic political sciences and thought in 1995. The research center has taken effective steps to revive and rebuild the political knowledge of Islam over the past years, through taking advantage of the experiences and potential of seminary and academic scholars. Currently, the research center has organized its goals, duties, policies and plans based on the Islamic Republic of Iran's 20-year Vision Plan, by trying to answer the questions and intellectual challenges related to its research domains and providing the necessary context for reproduction of political-religious culture and presenting political knowledge according to the Islamic resources, identity in the fields of political philosophy, political jurisprudence and political sciences.

•    Presentation of the Islamic political thought
•    Reaching to the political science
•    Presentation of the Islamic political system through empowering and development of the Islamic political thought
•    Criticism and analysis of the Islamic political heritage
•    Comparing, criticizing, and analysis of the rival political schools
•    Answering the basic questions and intellectual and political issues of the religious culture and foundations of the Islamic government

•    Study, research, and performing research projects about the foundations, scope, paradigms, and fundamental issues of the Islamic political science
•    Study, research, criticism, analysis, and conducting research plans about the political thought of the Muslim thinkers and non-Islamic political thoughts
•    Identification of the shortcomings of the Islamic political science to answer the needs and demands of the contemporary human
•    Comparative study of the existing political thoughts and explanation of the theoretical framework of the Islamic political science
•    Study and analysis of the socio-political issues of the Islamic society and government and informing the Shia Seminary
•    Forming specialty groups for performing research plans
•    Providing the sources and facilitating the research about the political science
•    Identification, employment, and supporting the researchers of the Shia Seminary in the fields of the Islamic political science
•    Providing means of discussion among the experts of the political science and holding scientific sessions and meetings
•    Communication and collaboration with the organizations, institutions, cultural figures, and scientific-cultural institutes for reaching the national and international goals of the research center
•    Establishing an active and constructive relationship with other institutions and subsidiaries of the Islamic Science and Culture Academy, for having more coordination, implementing joint research plans, and avoiding duplicate works

•    Emphasis on the original Islamic bases and avoiding eclecticism and dogmatism
•    Considering the political life of the contemporary human
•    Considering the new issues and requirements of the religion in the socio-political areas
•    Considering the socio-political subjects and issues of the Islamic Republic of Iran
•    Active encounter in the areas of culture and political science and theorizing and emphasizing on the Islamic sources and foundations in the new ideas and theories
•    Considering the scientific standards and criteria in the socio-political studies
•    Active presence in the discussions of the Islamic political science
•    Using the achievements of the human science in the field of the political science and identification of its shortcomings and inconsistencies with the Islamic thought
•    Critical analysis of the Islamic political knowledge and avoiding any absolutism in science
•    Specializing the groups and areas of researches
•    Connecting with the scholars and thinkers and using their achievements
•    Giving priority to teamwork
•    Active connection with other scientific centers
•    Prioritizing the research subjects

There are three departments in the research center:

1. Department for Political Sciences

2. Department for Political Philosophy 
3. Department for Political Jurisprudence


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