Thursday, January 03, 2019 Codicology and Bibliography
The department, based on the definite duties tries to do the accurate codicology and bibliography of the manuscripts and printed texts (including stone manuscripts) and selects and presents the Shia scholars in different subjects regarding the correctness of the text, the age, the author's era, the handwriting of the author and other conditions which are important for a reliable manuscript, through visiting all the best contents and software available in the national and foreign libraries. 

1.    Study and research on methods of codicology
2.    Controlling the manuscripts in terms of bibliography information (title, compiler, starting and finishing point).
3.    Codicology (type of handwriting, name of the author, number of pages, illumination, date of publishing, annotation)
4.    Identification of manuscripts in different fields of Islamic sciences 
5.    Study and research in various legal resources, Islamic sciences and other sources related to notification.
6.    Participation in expertizing and compiling the annual and short-term research programs;
7.    Investigation and evaluation of manuscripts and lithography.
8.    investigating the follow-up requests and the manuscripts required by the researchers
9.    Carrying out the other assigned duties related to the career position.
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