Tuesday, October 08, 2019 Mawsuat Allamah Balaghi
The book "Mawsuat Allamah Balaghi" has been compiled in nine volumes and it deals with the life, demise, and works of this gracious allamah.  Some of the features of this book are the notes, extracts, explanation of the materials and scientific and technical footnotes.
In the entry of the mawsuat, first it examines the era of allamah and its special condition. Then, it refers to his birth, family, social, and scientific life, and brief introduction of his works.

The first and second volumes of the mawsuat is allocated to the book"Ala'o al-Rahman fi Tafsir al-Quran". This book has dealt with the interpretation of miracle of Quran and its recitations as well as interpretation of some Surahs such as Hamd, Baqarah, Ale Imran and parts of Surah Nisa'.

The Third and Fourth volumes of the mawsuat is devoted to the book" Al-Hoda ila Din al-Mostafa". This book responds to the doubts and libels that Christian scholars have made about the dignity of the Qur'an.

The fifth volume of the Mawsuat refers to the book" Al-Rihlat al-Madresiah va al-Madresat al-Sayarah" which focuses on rejecting Christianity and proving the rightness of Islam. The sixth volume of this series concentrates on theological treatises of Allameh Balaghi, including Anwar al-Hoda, al-Balag al-Mabbin, the issue of al-Bada, and al-Tawhid va al-Tasliat. 

Jurisprudential treatises such as al-Oqud al-Mofasalah, al-Ta'aliqah ala Bay'e al-Makasib and the treatise on Hormat Halq al-Hayeh are included in the seventh volume and various treatises, letters and poems of Allameh are in the eighth volume. 

The nine-volume series of Mawsuat Al-Alameh al-Balaghi was published in 4172 pages by the Center for the reviving of Islamic Works and was introduced as the selected book in the Festival of Iranian Seminary Yearbook in 2008.

A Brief introduction to the book
The present Mawsuat has been compiled with the aim of collecting, correcting, and conducting research on Allamah Balaghi's works, treatises, and studies. Allameh Balaghi is one of the prominent Shiite theologians, jurists, and scholars in the 14th century AH. The seventh volume of this work contains several treatises related to jurisprudence and Usul. In the first treatise, five jurisprudential contracts and principles are examined and the jurisprudential foundations, rulings, issues and evidence are provided. Then, there comes the treatise that includes Allamah's notes in the sections transactions and issues related to Mo'atat transaction (sales without verbal or written communication), unauthorized transaction, conditions of considerations, conditions of the two parties, transaction of endowment, and the third treatise is about the ruling and issues related to shaving beard. This issue has been examined and studied in four chapters of narrations, viewpoints, foundations, and the Fourteen Infallibles' conduct.
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