Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Administration and Public Relations Office


Administration and Public Relations Office is in charge of doing the affairs related to presidency of ISCA, news notification and research information, and has got missions in the following domains:
Knowing about the ideas and comments of audience on the function and activities of ISCA, announcement of circulars, instructions and the orders of the president to units of ISCA, reflecting the policies, plans, news and positions of ISCA in the public media, Carrying out correspondence and referrals of the ISCA's president, collection of information and preparation of the required internal and external organizational reports, planning and coordinating meetings, visits and ISCA's president's meetings, dealing with the affairs of visitors and clients of ISCA's president, news and promotional coverage of seminars, meetings and exhibitions of ISCA.

There are four positions in this office which are:
1. Head of administration
2. Expert in charge of public relations and website content
3. Expert of office affairs and board of trustees
4. Expert of public relations
5. Expert of follow-up affairs
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