Wednesday, January 02, 2019 Islamic works revival and correction
Correction is a science and profession in which the person corrects and presents the scripts through using a set of special knowledge and methods. The correction department based on the definite duties, correctness and accuracy, tries to reconstruct and present the original texts of Shia thought according to the latest ideal methods of correction. The department with a view to the future and the needs of researchers and religion scholars aims to correct critically (accurate evaluation based on choosing whatever suitable is to be in the script) and to publish the works of prominent Shia scholars in the form of a set of figures' works (encyclopedia of Shia scholars), a set of thematic-specialized works (subject-based works) and monographs (content-based works). 


1.    Planning in order to implement the projects of preservation and revival of historical works in the domains of religion and Islamic knowledge 
2.    Implementing the operational plans and projects related to preservation and revival of the works  
3.    Enforcing the laws and regulations, procedures, national contracts related to preservation and revival of the works  
4.    Provision of strategic and urgent projects to preserve the works and correct them.
5.    Preparation and compilation of documentation projects, pathology, preservation and revival of religious works.
6.    Interaction and collaboration with works revitalization centers and various applied research centers in this field.
7.    Taking the actions regarding the revival and preservation of historical scientific works
8.    Providing the necessary specialized reports
9.    Carrying out the other assigned duties related to the career position.
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