Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy ISCA Specialized Journals

Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy (ISCA) publishes six quarterly journals (Naghd wa Nazar, Figh, Hawzah, Islam wa Mutali'at Ijtimaei, Pazhuheshaye Qurani (Khorasan Branch), Akhlagh (Isfahan Branch) and a bimonthly (Ayeneh-E-Pazhoohesh).

Ayeneh-E-Pazhoohesh(Mirror of Research)

Ayeneh-E-Pazhoohesh appeared in 1990 with the aim of bettering research and publication activities through 'giving information' and criticizing our 'written heritage'. So far 147 issues have appeared.


Given the potentials of Isfahan Seminary and high education centers of this province especially Isfahan University, Isfahan Propagation Office began to publish 'Akhlagh' in 1995, with the aim of maintaining effective relation with seminary and university going people. This journal was able to obtain scientific journal license in 2012. 33 issues of this Journal have thus far appeared.

Pazhuheshaye Qurani(Qur'anic Researches)

Pazhuheshaye Qurani, one of the most important specialized journal in the field of Quranic studies was launched in 1994 with the efforts made by the scholars of Quranic Sciences Department of Islamic Propagation Office of Khurasan Razavi. 72 issues of this journal have so far appeared.

Naghd wa Nazar

Naghd wa Nazar is a research journal on philosophy and theology. It began to appear in 1994 and so far 67 issues of this journal have been published.


Hawzah was launched in 1982. Until 1999, it was a bimonthly journal and since then it has become a quarterly journal. 170 issues of this journal have thus far appeared.


Figh quarterly began to appear experimentally in 1993, but its first issue appeared in 1994. So far 77 issues of this journal have appeared.

Islam wa Mutali'at Ejtemaee(Islam and Social Studies)

Islam wa Mutali'at Ejtemaee, a quarterly journal began to appear after it was ratified by the board of trustees of Islamic Propagation Office, with the aim of promoting knowledge and publishing the findings and works of thinkers in the field of cultural and social studies with reference to seminary and religious discussion. 2 issues of this journal (which affiliated to Islamic Sciences and Cultural Academy) have thus far appeared.


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