Islamic Studies Center (Isfahan Branch)

Islamic Studies Center (Isfahan Branch) began its activities as research deputyship in 2003. It aimed among other things at paving the ground for research activities of seminarians, expanding research culture, carrying out basic researches while relying on scientific potentials of Isfahan seminary, giving scientific and research services to those interested and meeting the research needs and demands of the audience of Islamic studies. Factors such as the expansion of research activities, an almost one decade of organizational experience in this regard and a policy shift on the part of Islamic Propagation Office from application-based studies to problem-based studies paved the ground for changing the deputyship into Isfahan Islamic Studies Center. So far this center has published 29 works.

Research Departments

1. Religions.

2. Ethics.

3. Philosophy and Theology.

4. Law.

The most important published works:

1. Muhammad Ali Najafi, Major Sins, 2008.

2. Reza Kalbasi, Ishraqat al-Ayyam, 2008.

3. Husain Ali Tuaisarkani, Nijat al-Mu'amin, 2008.

4. Majid Hadizadeh, Dirasat fi al-Akhlaq (vol. 1-3), 2010.

5. Sayyid Alireza, Ifshaee, Superstation and Religious Society, 2011.

6. Majid Hadizadeh, Islamic Moral Science (3 volumes), 2013.

7. Ahmad Abidini,Answers to Quranic Skepticisms, 2013.

8. Asghar Hadi, An Inquiry into the Meaning of the word 'Ubudiyyat[1]' in Quran, 2013.

9. Habib Reza Arzani, A Critique of 'redemption' in Christianity, 2013.

[1]- Ubudiyyat is an Arabic term. It can be rendered to something like 'servitude' in English. (Explanation added by S.A. Afzali, the translator).


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