Center for Humanities and Islamic Sciences Researches (Khurasan Branch)

As a research center affiliated to Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy, Center for Humanities and Islamic Sciences Researches (Khurasan Razavi Branch) began its activities in 1987. Presently it consists of six research departments. So far, it has published 58 works of which 5 are select works.

Research Departments:

1. Interpretation and Quranic Sciences.

2. Social Studies of Religion.

3. Islamic Jurisprudence and Law.

4. Islamic History and Civilization.

5. Philosophical researches and Islamic theosophy.

6. Religious literature and arts.

The most important published works:

1. Muhammad Baqir Akhundi and Sayyid Ali Naqi Ayazi, Social Concepts in the Holy Quran (3 volumes), 2000. It was chosen as a select work by Research Works of Khurasan Seminary in 2000.

2. Sheikh Ja'afar Kashif al-Ghita, Kashf al-Ghita 'an Mubhamat al-Shari'a al-Gharra (volumes 1 – 4), prepared by Abbas Tabriziyan, 2001.

3. Mirza Abu al-Qasim Qomi, Ghanaem al-Ayyam, (6 volumes), prepared by Abbas Tabriziyan, 2003.

4. Sayyid Husain Sayyidi, Aesthetics of Quranic Verses, 2011.

5. Khums; Challenges and Solutions, authored by a board of scholars, 2007. It was chosen as a select work by the Secretrate of Scholars of Religion in 2007.

6. Ali Tulaei, The Place of Expediency in Shiite Jurisprudence, 2012.

7. Muhammad Hasan Rabbani, al-Mu'ajam al-Tadbiq lilqawaed al-Usuliyya, 2000.

8. Mujtaba Ilahi Khurasani, A Juristic Assessment of Music: its Essence and Juristic Ruling about it, 2006.

9. Kazim Mudir Shanachi, History of Jurisprudence of Islamic Sects, 2000.

10. Sayyid Ali Haqqi, Science, Reason and Religion, 2000.

11. Sayyid Ishaq Shuja'ee, The Impact of Quran on the Form and Content of Mathanawi, 2001.

12. Muhammad Jawad Mughniya, Tafsir Kashif, (vols. 1-8), translated by Musa Danish, 2004. It was chosen as select work by Year Book of Islamic Republic of Iran.

13. Jahangir Ma'udi, Hermeneutics and Religious Modernization, 2007.

14. Sa'aeed Tawakuli, Mahaj al-Fazilain fi Ma'arifat al-Aaemma al-Kamilin, 2011.

15. Alireza Azad, Interpretation of Quran and Classic Hermeneutics, 2012.

16. Sheikh Muhammad Nahawandi, Nafakhat al-Rahaman Commentary (of Quran), (5 volumes), 2012.

17. Woman and Family from the Perspective of Revelation, authored by a board of scholars, 2012.

18. Muhsin Jahangiri, An Introduction to Principles of Jurisprudence, 2013.

19. Sayyid Husain Sayyidi, Historical Development of Miracle in Quran, 2013.


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