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An Introduction to Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy
The Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy affiliated to Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary which started its activities under the title of Islamic Studies and Research Center in 1984, was established with the definitive license of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
The Academy is a seminary-affiliated, research and scientific institution which deals with explicating and expanding the belief, perception and Islamic values and also cogitation and development of Islamic sciences and knowledge, through playing an active mediating role among seminaries according to the religious needs of people and The Islamic Republic of Iran. 
Explicating pure knowledge of Islam and refining religious culture from dogmatism and eclecticism.
The systematic explication of Islam and presenting efficient individual and social models appropriate for the needs of contemporary world through development, cogitation and empowerment of Islamic sciences.
Provision of scientific support for systematization and efficiency of religious government and Islamic Revolution.

Research Centers
Research Center for Quranic Sciences and Culture
Research Center for Ahlulbayt History and Conducts
Research Center for Mahdiism and Future Studies (Futurology)
Research Center for Civilizational Islam
Research Center for Jurisprudence and Law
Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology
Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences 
Research Center for Islamic Documents and Information Management
Research Center for Ethics and Spirituality
Research Center for Theology and Family

Center for Reviving of Islamic Works
Center for Islamic Studies of Society and Civilization

Scientific Groups
1.    Encyclopedias 
2.    Dictionaries
3.    Quran Interpretation
4.    Quranic Sciences
5.    Comparative Studies
6.    Shiite History
7.    Conduct of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them)
8.    Islamic Culture and Civilization    
9.    The Encyclopedia of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them)
10.     The Study of Mahdiism 
11.    The Study of Mahdiism movements
12.     Religion Futurology and Religiosity
13.    Philosophy
14.    Theology
15.    Ethics Philosophy
16.    Ethics 
17.    Education
18.    Islam and Spiritual Studies
19.    Philosophy of Jurisprudence and Law
20.    Jurisprudential Sciences
21.    Jurisprudential and Legal Issues
22.    Political Philosophy
23.    Political Jurisprudence
24.    Political Sciences
25.    Comparative Divinity
26.    Social Ethics
27.    Family Studies
28.    Applied Jurisprudence
29.    New Wisdom and Theology
30.    Quran and Social Studies
31.    Art and Islamic Civilization
32.    Compilation of Knowledge Structures
33.    Organizing Information and Documents
34.    Information and Knowledge Dissemination
35.    Bibliography and Codicology  
36.    Islamic Works Revival and Correction
37.    Civilizational Studies
38.    Socio-cultural Studies

Human Resources 
99 full-time faculty members and 10 part-time faculty members
40 full-time researchers 
188 project-based researchers
Number of libraries: Nine libraries
One digital library (comprised of 100,000 digital resource records)
Number of books: 
235342 books in Persian
111057 books in Arabic 
8058 books in English
1.    Central library of Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy
2.    Specialized Library for Culture and Knowledge of Qur'an
3.    Public and Lending Library
4.    Specialized Library for Reviving of Islamic Works
5.    Library of Research Center for Theology and Family(Isfahan)(three libraries)
6.    Library of Research Center for Civilizational Islam(Mashhad)
7.    Digital Library of Research Center for of Islamic Documents and Information Management

Some of the most important research plans in the academy
1.    The Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran(13 volumes)
2.    The Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran for Youngsters(1 volume)
3.    The Encyclopedia of A'alam(people, names, places, days etc.) in the Holy Quran 
4.    The Quranic Encyclopedia of Ethics(1 volume)
5.    The Encyclopedia of Shiite Usul(principles of Islamic Jurisprudence) Scholars(2 volumes)

In progress
1.    The Encyclopedia of Figh and Usul.
2.    The Encyclopedia of Quranic Sciences
3.    The Encyclopedia of Shiite Usul Scholars(volume 3)
4.    The Encyclopedia of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them)
5.    Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Based on the Teachings of the Quran and Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) 
6.    The Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran for Youngsters(1 volume)

1.    The Thesaurus of Quranic Sceinces(1 volume)
2.    The Thesaurus of Islamic Philosophy(2 volumes)
3.    The Thesaurus of Logic(1 volume)
4.    The Thesaurus of Islamic Theology(2 volumes)
5.    The Thesaurus of Usul Figh (principles of Islamic Jurisprudence)(1 volume)
6.    The Thesaurus of Islamic Ethics(1 volume)
7.    The Thesaurus of Hadith Sciences(1 volume)
8.    The Thesaurus of Mahdavi Knowledge(1 volume)
9.    The Thesaurus of Consumption Pattern Reform(1 volume)
10.    The thesaurus of Quran Knowledge(1 volume)

In progress
1.    The Thesaurus of Hadith Narrators
2.    The Thesaurus of New Theology(new issues in theology)
3.    The Thesaurus of Jurisprudence

1.    The Dictionary of the Holy Quran(33 volumes)
2.    The Thematic Dictionary of Quran Commentaries(3 volumes)
3.    The Dictionary of Similar Words Analysis in the Holy Quran(2 volumes)
4.    An Analytical Dictionary of Vojuh(different meanings of a word) and Naza'er (similar words with different meanings) in the Holy Quran(2 volumes)
5.    The Dictionary of Usul Figh(principles of Islamic Jurisprudence)(1 volume)
6.    The Dictionary of Quranic Sciences(1 volume)
7.    The Dictionary of Islamic Compilers(volume 1&2)
8.    An Applied Dictionary of Vocabulary in the Holy Quran(1 volume)
In progress
1.    The Dictionary of Islamic Compilers(volume 3&4)
2.    The Dictionary of Islamic Theology
3.    The Dictionary of Logic

Mawsu'ats (encyclopedias)
1.    Mawsu'at Allama Sharaf al-Din(11 volumes)
2.    Mawsu'at Shahid Awal(21 volumes)
3.    Mawsu'at Shahid Thani(30 volumes)
4.    Mawsu'at Allama Balaqi(9 volumes)
5.    Al-Sahaba al-Keram (the respectable companions of the Holy Prophet)(3 volumes)
6.    Mawsu'at al-Ijma' fi Fiqh al- Imamyiah(1 volume)
7.    Mawsu'at Ahkam al-Mortad(laws about Apostate)(2 volumes)

In progress

1.    Mawsu'a Shaykh Baha'i(30 volumes)
2.    Mawsu'a Kashif al-Ghita'(44 volumes)
3.    Mawsu'a Allama Sayyid Mohsen Amin(17 volumes)
4.    Mawsu'a Hakim Abu Nasr Farabi(12 volumes)

Some of the Macro-projects
1.    The Superior Policy from the Viewpoint of " Hikmat Mutaaliyah"( 17 works have been published so far)
2.    Political Teachings of Muslim Thinkers(47 works have been published so far)
3.    Political Knowledge in Contemporary Iran(4 works have been published so far) 
4.    The Philosophy of Political Jurisprudence(4 works have been published so far)
5.    The Jurisprudence of Political System(5 works have been published so far)
6.    Policy in the Holy Quran(4 works have been published so far)
7.    Mawsu'a(encyclopedia) of Political Narrations(4 works have been published so far)
8.    The Jurisprudence of International Relationship and Foreign Policy(3 works have been published so far)
9.    Security in Islam(3 works have been published so far)
10.     Clericalism and Policy(9 works have been published so far)
11.     The Philosophy of Language and Usul Science(2 works have been published so far) 
12.     The Body and Soul Relation(16 works have been published so far)
13.    The Capabilities of Islamic Philosophy and Its Relationship with Political-Social Life(3 works have been published so far)
14.    Wisdom and Religion(3 works have been published so far)
15.    Theological Teachings of the Twelver Shi'a Theologians(8 works have been published so far)
16.    Anwar al-Fiqahah(published in 10 volumes)
17.    The Theology of Ethics(5 works have been published so far)
18.    The Jurisprudence of Art
19.     Jami' al-Sa'adat
20.     Montaqed al-Manfe'
21.     The Thematic Heritage of Fiqh(Jurisprudence) and Usul (principles of Islamic Jurisprudence): wife's heritage
22.    The Thematic Heritage of Fiqh(Jurisprudence) and Usul (principles of Islamic Jurisprudence): temporary marriage
23.    The Thematic Heritage of Fiqh(Jurisprudence) and Usul (principles of Islamic Jurisprudence): Asda al-Reqab
24.    The Thematic Heritage of Ethics and Education: (al-Isharat va Sharh al-Isharat)
25.    The Thematic Heritage of Philosophy and Theology: Bada', Determinism and free will, Divine knowlege.
26.     The Plan for Philosophical and Theological Treatises of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi
27.     The Plan for Hijab(veil) Treatises
28.     The Religiousness Ethics 
29.    The Management Ethics
30.     Bioethics
31.    The Psychological Foundations of Ethical-Religious Education

Published:                   770 works
In progress:                 565 works

Published:                   21 works
In progress:                 10 works

Total published works: 1110 volumes (523 volumes in the Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy's Publication, 469 volumes in Bustan Ketab publication, 98 volumes in Isfahan Branch publication, 17 works in partnership with Center of Civilization for Islamic Thought Development, Dar Al maaref Alhikmiah and Al-Hadaf Center in Beirut, 5 works in partnership with Samt publication.

Publications: 12 journals
Scientific-research Journals
1.    Pajooheshhaye Qur'ani (Qur'anic Researches)
2.    Islam wa Motaleaate Ijtemaeie (Islam and Social Studies)
3.    Kavoshi No Dar Fiqh (A New Exploration in Jurisprudence)
4.    Naqd va Nazar (Review and Comment)
Scientific-promotional Journals
5.    Akhlaq (Ethics)
Other Journals
6.    Howzeh
7.    Bimonthly Journal of Ayeneh-E-Pazhoohesh (Mirror of Research)
8.    Biannual Journal of Adabiat Dini(Religious Literature)
9.    Specialized-scientific Biannual Journal of Motaleate Adabie Motoone Eslami (Literary Studies of Islamic Texts) 
10.    Specialized-scientific Biannual Journal of Sirah Pajoohi Ahl al- Bayt ( studies on conduct of Ahl al- Bayt)
11.    Electronic Journal of Noqalam
12.     Electronic Journal of Modiriate Daneshe Eslami( Islamic Knowledge Management)

Some of the most important software
1.    The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Quranic Knowledge: the most comprehensive thematic dictionary of Quran containing information on Rahnama (guidance) interpretation, dictionary of Quran and thematic dictionary of interpretations
2.    The Thematic Encyclopedia of Quranic Articles: contains the full text of 10,000 articles on Quranic sciences and knowledge
3.    Shajare Tuba(Digital Library of the Works in Research Center for Culture and Knowledge of Quran)
4.    The Software for Thematic Dictionary of (Quran) Interpretations
5.    Mobile Application(Siraj Quran)
6.    Quranic Query Software
7.    The Bibliography of Comprehensive Islamic Jurisprudence (Upon completion)
8.    The Treasury of Mahdiism in Quran and Hadith Software
The Academy's website is available through the following address:

Digital Publishing 
All the Academy's works and other departments in Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary, including books and journals are presented simultaneously via Pajoohan website. 

Scientific sessions
Critical and promotional sessions: 407 sessions (the highest rank among the educational- research centers and institutes of the country)
Scientific sessions: 1449 sessions


International conferences: 19 conferences 
Some of the most important international conferences:
1.    Allameh Sayed Abdul Hussein Sharaf al-Din International Congress, 2005
2.    Conference of the Qur'an and Contemporary Society Issues in cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Culture and Relations, 2006
3.    Allameh Mohammad Javad Balaghi International Congress, 2007
4.    International Conference of Religious Doctrines and the Mind-Body Problem, 2010    
5.    Shahidayn International Conference, Beirut, 2010 
6.    The Conference of Imam Mahdi (AS) and the Future of the World in Iraq, 2012
7.    Akhund Khorasani International Conference, 2012
8.    Conference of Monotheistic Religions(7 conferences), 2015

National conferences: 43 conferences
Some of the most important national conferences:
1.    Conference of the Great Prophet's Political and Governmental Conducts, 2006
2.    The Superior Policy from the Viewpoint of " Hikmat Mutaaliyah", 2008
3.    Islamic Unity and National Security, 2010
4.     Clericalism and Islamic Revolution, 2015
5.    Conversation for Life: Investigating the Experience of Imam Musa Sadr,2015
6.    Conference on the Legal and Political Dimension of Mina Tragedy, 2016
7.    Relations between the Younger Generation and the Clergy, 2009
8.    Thesaurus and its uses in the electronic environment, 2007
9.    Mahdiism Discourse(Ten discourses with topics related to Mahdiism), 2000-2009
10.    Hijab(veil), Responsibilities and the Islamic State Authority
11.    Conference of Fighe Qiraat in cooperation with the Supreme Council of the Quran

Scientific cooperation
The number of internal and external scientific cooperation: 118

Memorandums of understanding
National MoUs: 74 
International MoUs: 11
Board of Honors
Number of selected works in Farabi International Festival: 6 works
Number of selected works in Year Book of Islamic Republic of Iran Festival: 16 works
Other Festivals
More than 200 works in various festivals, including Conference of Seminary Year Book, the Country's Religion-researchers Congress, Season Book of Islamic Republic of Iran, and Year Book of the University Students and so on have been selected.

Some of the granted certificates of appreciation
Top research institute in the 4th Farabi International Festival
Appreciation for publishing the worthy work of "Mawsu'at Shahid Awal"
Appreciation for Academy's Efforts in the field of knowledge, research, development and evolution in the humanities
Appreciation for Academy in the production and presentation of numerous works to the Seminary Year Book Conference 
Selected in Twelfth Seminary Year Book
Selected in Shahab Festival

Tel: 00982537744152
Fax: 00982537743177





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