Sunday, September 01, 2019 The Department for Exegesis of Quran
The Main Missions
The major missions of the departments are: Providing and compiling different interpretations of Quran in the sequential and thematic form for different levels of age and education, providing Quranic approaches in the various issues and topic, providing and compiling fluent and attractive translations of Quran in different styles, providing and compiling the educational texts of interpretations and translations of Quran, conducting the specialized studies on scientific principles and foundations of interpretation and translation, providing and reproducing reliable Shia interpretations in attractive form, having scientific communication with active centers and institutes in the fields of translation and interpretation, identifying, attracting and using skillful researchers, identifying the existing shortcomings in the arenas of interpretations and translations, and holding scientific meetings.

1. Discovering Quran's perspective on the problems, issues and needs of the contemporary society.
2. Discovering the thematic communication and structure of Quranic topics with the aim of organizing the Quranic systematization studies.
3. Extracting and providing Quranic approaches on different issues and topics.
4. Providing the needs of sequential and thematic interpretation and translation of the Holy Quran for various classes and strata.
5. Providing the needs of educational centers in the fields of Quran interpretation and translation.
6. Promoting Quranic knowledge in the form of educational texts.
7. Reproducing some of the interpretation based on the new necessities and needs.
8. Promoting the works related to interpretation and translation of Quran.
9. Producing thought in different fields such as educational, ethical, social, political, and mystical interpretation.

1. Providing long-term, short-term, and strategic goals and plans for the research activities of the department.
2. Providing proposed policies to improve and update the activities of the deparment
3. Identifying and having active and effective communication with the common-goal centers and using their experience and capacities
4. Identifying the researchers in fields of interpretation, translation, and compilation of textbooks and using them to accomplish the objectives of the department
5. Conducting studies and research projects on sequential and thematic interpretation and translation of Quran
6. Identifying the existing problems and shortcomings and compiling the interpretations and translations appropriate to the needs of the contemporary society
7. Holding specialized meetings and sessions of critique and investigation on interpretation, translation, and educational texts
8. Evaluating the works of interpretation, translation and educational texts and the current plans of the department
9. The accurate Identification of educational objectives appropriate to the audience's needs in line with providing and compiling the educational texts
10. Providing criteria for standard translation and classification pattern of Quran translations
11. Preparing and providing the annual report on the activities of the department and presenting it to the superior officers
12. Identifying, collecting and categorizing the resources and topics of Quran's interpretations and translations
13. Proposing topics and issues to carry out the studies, compilation of books, papers, and theses.
14. Counselling the researchers and authors of Quranic books, papers, and theses.
کلمات کليدي
Exegesis of Quran, Quran interpretation, Quranic knowledge
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