Publication Office
In line with planning to achieve the designed vision of Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary (IPOQS), the research deputy of IPOQS decided to revise and reform its structure, goals and policies in 2001 and finally the office could prepare and revise its visions and policies. The primary goal at this stage was to organize the research capabilities of IPOQS in the form of a big Islamic Academy.
After several years, finally with approval of four research centers in the Supreme Council of Development, the definite permit for establishment of Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy was adopted by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and has been doing its activities with Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Research Center for Jurisprudence and Law, Research Center for Ahlulbayt History and Conduct, Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences, Research Center for Mahdiism and Futurology as well as some centers and research departments including the center for Quranic Culture and Sciences, Center for Islamic Studies of Society and Civilization, Center for Ethics and Spirituality and Center for Reviving of Islamic Works.

One of the important features of ISCA, in addition to its other scientific and research projects, is to carry out macro-projects and national projects including-The Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran, The Dictionary of the Holy Quran, The History of Political Thought of Islamic Thinkers, The Dictionary of Islamic Compilers, The Thesaurus of Islamic Sciences, The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion, The Encyclopedia of Ahlulbayt, The Encyclopedia of Shia Theologians, The Encyclopedia of Shia Usul, reviving the collection of Shia thinkers works and so on- which the publication office of ISCA is proud and honored to prepare and publish them. 
The publication office is one of the successful subunits of ISCA that there have been so many reasons for this office to be established and formed since 2005. Among these reasons, one can refer to the abundance of produced works, the necessity of publishing them as soon as possible, the emphasis on the great quality of the works and accelerating the publication and presentation of works carried out by research centers and research departments.

The publication office includes the following positions:
1. Head of office
2. The expert of administration
3. The expert for ISCA's journals affairs
4. The expert in charge of editing
5. The expert for publishing 
6. The expert in charge of business and financial affairs
7. The accounting expert
8. The expert for communications and book fairs
9. The expert for publication preparation
10. The expert for distribution affairs
11. The expert of storage 


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