Wednesday, October 10, 2018 Research Center for Islamic Jurisprudence and Law

The Research Center for Jurisprudence and Law was established in 1995 and its field of study is devoted to the Islamic jurisprudential and legal knowledge and its related sciences.
The works of this research center are very diverse and not limited to a particular field of jurisprudence and law, but it defines and approves those research priorities whose main characteristic of all these studies is the element of "innovation", according to criteria such as the need of the community and the lack of research in a particular topic.
One of the most important innovations of this research center is the attempt to explain and explicate the philosophy of jurisprudence and institutionalize it in studies focusing on jurisprudential science. During its scientific lifetime, in addition to review the legacy of new developments, the research center has been trying to underscore the better efficacy of Shiite jurisprudence by making     use of Shiite jurisprudential legacy and seminary scholars.

The main goals of this research center are:
1.    Explaining and revising the basics and theoretical frameworks of jurisprudential science in order to consolidate and develop it in various personal and social fields.
2.    Providing effective jurisprudential models towards responding to the basic needs and questions of contemporary human and society.
3.    Providing intelligent analysis of jurisprudential and legal teachings.
4.    Explaining the foundations and jurisprudential and legal issues in the Islamic Republic of Iran and answering its needs.
5.    Introducing and explaining the foundations, sources, territory, goals, history and methods for the inference of jurisprudence and Islamic law.
6.    Transferring the needs of the inference to the Usul science (principles of Islamic jurisprudence) and turning them into subjects in the Usul-related form.
7.    Leading profoundly Usul-related skills from purely scientific discussions to practical one.
8.    Fertilizing the knowledge capacities of jurisprudential rules in the framework of strengthening the comparative topics of jurisprudence and law.

The Scientific Departments in Research Center for Jurisprudence and Law

The Department for Philosophy of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law
This group is responsible for the research and study on jurisprudence and law with an external look and answers questions that arises in the field of methods, foundations, resources and goals of jurisprudence and Islamic law.

The Department for Jurisprudential Sciences (Usul, jurisprudence rules, Rijal  and Hadith)
This department is responsible for research and study in the field of sciences such as Usul, jurisprudential rules, Rijal and hadith.

The Department for Jurisprudential and Legal Issues 
This department is responsible for reviewing specific jurisprudential and legal issues which are challenging and brought up in the macro level of the society and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To get more information on this research center you can download the following pdf:
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