Sunday, February 17, 2019 The department for Civilizational Studies
Expanding and deepening the studies on the nature, requirements and process towards achieving the modern Islamic civilization

Long-term Goals
1. Explaining the nature of Islamic civilization in the present era
2. Achieving demands and pattern of civilizational conception in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Short-term Goals
1. Strengthening the civilization insights and empowering the capacities of the civilization studies in Islamic Seminaries
2. Strengthening the literature of civilizational studies across the research centers in Iran
3. Identifying the civilizational capacities and currents in the Islamic world
4. Identifying the Qur'anic and narrative foundations and how to achieve modern Islamic civilization
5. Identifying the civilizational issues in Islamic Republic of Iran and presenting strategic suggestions in this domain
6. Conducting comparative studies on the differences between Islamic civilization and other civilizations to explain the civilizational difference in Islamic Republic of Iran

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