Islamic Documentation and Information Center

Center of Islamic Information and documents is the outcome of 20 years of continuous experiences of Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary in the field of information dissemination. Launching Balagh and Sharih Websites, producing different softwares and writing glossaries of Islamic sciences are among the first activities this center carried out. Given the necessity of managing Islamic information and documents ISCA decided to establish a specialized center within its own framework to do such important tasks.

Glossary of Islamic Sciences, the most important product of this center was for the first time accomplished by able seminary writers under the supervision of prominent seminary and university professors. It was confirmed by UNESCO. It has thus far 12 works of which 3 are select works.

Research Departments

1.  Terminology.

2.  Glossary.

3.  Indexation and listing .

The most important published works

1.  Terminology of Islamic Philosophy (2 volumes), authored by a board of writers, 1998.

2.  Terminology of Quranic Sciences, authored by a board of writers, 1997.

3.  Terminology of Principles of Jurisprudence, authored by a board of writers, 1999.

4.  Terminology of Logic, authored by a board of writers, 2002.

5.  Terminology of Islamic Theology (2 volumes), authored by a board of writers, 2004.

6.  Terminology of Islamic Ethics, authored by a board of writers, 2007.

7.  Muhammad Hadi Ya'aqubnijad, An Introduction to Foundations of Terminology of Islamic Sciences, 1996. It was appreciated by UNESCO in 2000.

8.  Glossary of Principles of Jurisprudence, 2010. It was encouraged by Season Book in 2010 and was also encouraged by Promotion of Quality of Cultural Works in 2003.

9.  Terminology of Hadith Sciences, 2011. (It was chosen as select work by) Seminary Year Book Festival in 2012.


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