ISCA Publishes 1st issue for Journal of Islams Political Studies

Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy has published the first issue for the Journal of Islam's Political Studies.

The papers of this issue are available on the following link:

The papers' titles are:
•    Religious Democracy in Iran: Discursive Analysis of Imam Khomeini’s Political Thought
mansour mirahmadi
•    External Barriers to Political Freedom from the Quran’s Point of View
Seyed Kazem Seyedbaqeri
•    Political Participation in Democratic Political Orders
Seyed Sajjad Izdehi
•    The Status of Imagination in Avicenna’s Political Philosophy
Ahmad Bostani
•    Transcendental Theosophy and Political Science
Mohammad Pezeshgi
•    The Expediency of Kingdom in Iranian Political Thought
Seyed Ali Mirmousavi
•    Iranian-Islamic Pattern of Justice in the Politics
Mohammad Taqi Ghezelsofla - Sophia Farokhi
For the full papers you can downwload the following PDF:

Source: Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy
Final_JIPS.pdf 1.21 MB
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