ISCA Holds Joint Meeting with Al-Dalil Institute

Head of Al-Dalil Institute affiliated to Imam Hossein Holy Shrine and the delegation met with the president and some of the directors of ISCA, in order to put into effect the MoU on cooperation between the two institutes.
According to International Office of ISCA, Dr. Najaf Lakzaei first welcomed broadening cooperation between ISCA and the institute and then started to introduce the scientific and research capabilities of ISCA.
He referred to some of the recent activities of ISCA including "the international conference on Imam Ali(pbuh), a model of justice and spirituality in the contemporary world "organized by the Research Center for History and Conduct of Ahlulbayt, the comprehensive project" Quranic encyclopedia" carried out by the Research Center for Quranic Culture and Sciences for the first time, the activities of the Research Center for Islamic Jurisprudence and Laws about new issues, Holding the international conferences on  immortality of soul in Islam and Christianity organized by the Research Center for Philosophy and Theology, publishing an English journal by the Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences, the activities of the Center for Answering religious questions, Pajoohaan Mobile application, and other activities of the research centers and centers.
President of ISCA Said, "We have no limitation for our cooperation with the Al-Dalil Institute and we are ready to implement the MoU". He considered Arbaeen Days a great opportunity to present the religious issues and answering the important doubts and called for planning for ISCA's faculty members to be active in the Moukebs and scientific workshops in Iraq on Arbaeen days. 
Shaikh Salih Waeli was pleased to be in ISCA and considered holding joint meetings useful to achieve the common fields of cooperation. He said, "It was clear to us from the words of ISCA's president that a lot of important activities have been done here". 
Then he added, "ISCA has had many achievements and we are willing to cooperate and carry out the common projects". 
In the end, Dr. Najaf Lakzaei said "it is necessary to organize a working meeting, so that our staff in the research centers of Mahdism, philosophy and theology and the centers which work on belief projects, can participate that meeting; it is essential to send the complete list of ISCA's works to Al-Dalil Institute and we have no limitation for cooperation and interaction.  We are also ready to cooperate on common projects, translating, and making the books electronic.

Source:Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy


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