A Danish Muslim: In a near future Europe will turn into the land of Islam A member of Denmarks counsel said: By their moral behavior, Danish Muslim women and men have spread real Islam in this country and proved the reality of Islam everywhere. Europe must believe that it will turn into the land of Islam in a near future.

According to ISCO quoting BARNA international agency, Asma Abdul Hamid, after gaining victory in counsel election of Odense, Denmark said: "God will implement His rules even if the enemies do not like such a thing and hatch plots to confront it. It has to be made clear that God is above all others in terms of making plots".

Referring to the approach of Europeans towards the problem of hijab, he pointed out: "Many feminists think that I observe hijab out of compulsion – a thing that is bad. Hijab is a new version of freedom and it gives me freedom and that is why I consider myself a free modern Denmark's citizen".

After gaining victory in city counsel election, the 27 year old Asma Abd Al-Hamid said: "I want to be respected by what is in my mind not by what is on my head (hijab)".

"People here seldom pay attention to political values. People deal with me as a normal person. When people look at my hijab they pass prejudiced judgments. They put to question the relation between Denmark's culture and hijab. In my point of view, they are compatible with each other", she said.

In a press conference, she also touched some issues regarding Islam and hijab.


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