ISCA Publishes Issue 8 for Journal of New Intellectual Research
President of ISCAs Message of Happiness on the Occasion of New Year
The Supreme Leader of Iran: This Year is the Year of Surge in Production
ISCA Publishes Issue 27 for Journal of Islam and Social Studies
ISCA Publishes Issue 2 for English Journal of Islamic Political Studies
ISCA Publishes Issue 26 for Journal of Islam and Social Studies
ISCA Publishes Issue 93 for Journal of Quranic Researches.
ISCA Publishes Issue 96 of Journal of Naqd va Nazar
ISCA Holds Intl Conference on Theory of Waiting for Imam Mahdi in the Thought of Ayatollah Khamenei
ISCA Publishes No.13 for Journal of Literary Studies of Islamic Texts.
 Message of President of ISCA on the Martyrdom of Commander Qasem Soleimani
ISCA Publishes no.34 for Journal of Akhlagh
The International Conference on Cultural Dialogues in the Civilizational Vision of Iran and the Arab World in a Nutshell. 
The New Issue for Journal of Quranic Researches
The Former Iranian ambassador in Algeria Visits ISCA
The Iranian Elites Presence in Algeria Is Weak
Representatives of the Russian Institute for Oriental Studies Visit ISCA
Greek Ambassador Visits ISCA
ISCA at the 16th Turkmenistan International Book Fair
 Faculty Members of ISCA Participate in the 6th International conference of Arbaeen Ahd Maa al-Hossain
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