ISCA Publishes no.34 for Journal of Akhlagh

Issue no.34 of Journal of Akhalagh (Ethics)

Dr. Ahmadian, head of the Research Center for Theology and Family (Isfahan Branch) said that no. 34 for the Journal of Akhlagh (ethics) has been published recently. This number contains six articles and the titles of the articles are as follows:
1.    Narges Sadat Sajadieh, Truthfulness and Education in childhood and adolescence.
2.    Mahdi Fasihi Ramandi, Honesty in the field of religious preaching; examining some ethical challenges.
3.    Hojjatollah Azad, The Psychology of Lying: Motivation, Cognitive Correlates, Subjects, and the Reform Path.
4.    Seyyed Mahdi Soltani Renani, The Right Framework for Media Research with an Emphasis on Moral Integrity. 
5.    Majid Jafarian, The concept of lying from the point of view of Muslim and Western thinkers(Interview with Dr. Ali Akbar Teimoorie).
6.    Hassan Boosaliki, Book Review : Behind the hypocrisy : How we lie to everyone, especially to ourselves. 

For the English abstracts, visit the following link at:

Source: Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy


KeyWords : Journal of Akhlagh , Akhlagh (Ethics)
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