Vatican Ambassador Visits ISCA 

Vatican Ambassador in Iran, Leo Boccardi, in addition to visiting the published works, met and talked with the officials of ISCA and the Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology (RCIPT).
According to International Office of the Center for Scientific and International Cooperation, at this meeting, first, Dr. Najaf Lakzaei, the president of ISCA introduced the research centers and centers, and with regard to the conducted activities in the domains of Islam and Christianity called for developing the relationship between Islam and Christian scholars.
Considering the upcoming conference on "Immortality of the Soul in Islam and Christianity" in March, called for Vatican's more cooperation in this big event.
Dr. Ebrahim Alipour, Director of the Research center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology talked about the activities of RCIPT in the three domains of theology, philosophy, and philosophy of ethics in Islam and Christianity. The director of RCIPT while referring to the held conferences by this research center as well as conducted research in the field of Islam and Christianity in the current era, approaching God in Islam and Christianity, Christian ethics in the recent year, talked about the upcoming plans of this research center. He added, "Most of the Christian guests really welcomed the first conference", and expressed hope that in the near future Vatican will cooperate greatly in this domain.
Dr. Souri also mentioned some of the activities carried out for the conference of "Immortality of the Soul in Islam and Christianity and added" So far, 60 English and Arabic abstracts have been received from Japan, Egypt and United States and other countries
Then, Leo Boccardi, Vatican ambassador in Iran talked about the different active institutes and centers in Qom and the various activities they do and said, "These institutes should have a unique representative in order to have better relations with Vatican. Moreover, institutes and centers in Qom should be aware that with whom and which institutes they should have cooperation" and his first advice was to have link with FIUC institute in Rome. He considered direct dialogue as the main condition for more relations and said, Vatican also has an institution for interfaith dialogue and he is able to create a link between ISCA and this institute and other religious institutes in Vatican.
Finally, the parties discussed effective ways to get Vatican participate better in the international conference on "immortality of the soul in Islam and Christianity," and more ties between them.

Source:Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy


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