Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy Softwares

  1. Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Quranic Studies. Thematic encyclopedia of Quran consists of three great thematic encyclopedias Guide Interpretation, Dictionary of Quran and Thematic Dictionary of Interpretations of (Quran).

 2. Thematic Dictionary of Interpretations (of Quran): the greatest thematic encyclopedia of interpretations, 20 sets of interpretation in 303 volumes consisting of 67000 subjects.

  3.  Encyclopedia of Quranic articles consisting of 10000 Quranic articles with 1400 subjects.

  4. Encyclopedia: It consists of first 8 volumes of Encyclopedia of the Holy Quran.

  5. Sirat: it consists of opinions of Islamic sects on interpretation of Quran. Upper-handed and lower-handed classification has been used in preparing it.

  6. Mufradat: It is based on Mufradat Raghib, an invaluable work compiled by Raghib Isfahani.

  7. Bayan: It consists of Quran's text plus with its translation [in Persian]. It includes topics such as Quranic celebrities, Quranic chapters, doing Istikhara with Quran, searching Quran and cause of revelation of reverses.

  8. Treasury of Mahdaviyat in Quran and Tradition: it consists of traditions on Mahdaviayat. These traditions are taken from 55 Shiite Hadith sources and 280 Sunnite Shiite and Sunnite commentaries on 500 verses that are related to the question of Mahdaviayat.

  9. Tibyan: it is the first software that contains Quranic studies in two languages of Persian and English.

10. Khatib: it includes thematic indexation of 13 works by Hujjatulislam wa al-Muslimin Falsafi and 130 speeches by him.  It also includes a short film about him, more than 200 of his imagesand a biography of his works.

11. Najm: it includes thematic indexation of Ayatollah Hasanzadh's 70 published works, 50 hours of his speech, 6 short films about him and 120 images belonging to hm.

12. Mutahhar: it includes thematic indexation of Ayatollah Mutahhari's 90 published works (under 59 titles), 20 short films about him, 40 speeches made by him, 100 images from his personal album, 414 articles and 7 mystical anthems.

13. Al-Tamhid fi Ulum al-Quran: it includes indexation of al-Tamhid fi Ulum al-Quran (10 volumes), by Ayatollah Ma'arifat plus with his film, speeches and images.

14. Shajara Tuba: it includes collected works of the center of Quranic culture and studies. It includes the greatest encyclopedia of the Holy Quran and Quranic glossary.

15. Specialized website of Quranic sciences: it organizes sources of Quranic sciences on glossary basis.


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