Department of Civilization Studies

 Department of Civilization Studies was established in 2003 as a center for occidental studies. In August, 1997, it was turned into an independent research department assessing intellectual basis of Islamic values, objective system and practical models and the relations between the worlds of Islam and the West with a civilization-based approach. Aiming at creating structure for basic studies and researches in the field of Islamic and Western civilizations, it wants to give a new interpretation of Islamic civilization in the light of modern conditions. It follows up its activities on three levels; international, national and organizational. It has by now published 7 works of which 2 are select works.

The most important published works:

1. Ahmad Rahdar, Occidentalism of Shiite Scholars in Modern Iran, 2011. It was chosen as a select work by Seminary Year Book Festival in 2012.

2. Mahdi Umidi, Secularism; A Critical Inquiry into Foundations of Secularism, 2011. It was chosen as a select work by Season Book of Islamic Republic of Iran in 2011.

3. Civilization and Modernity in Modern Arabs' Thought, prepared by Habibullah Babei, 2011.

4. Theatrical Inquiries into Civilization, authored by a board of scholars, 2009.

5. Habibullah Babaei, Theoretical Inquiries into Theology and Civilization, 2013.


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