Center for Social-Cultural Studies

The turbulent cultural and social developments in present time necessitate research activities. Being sensitive about developing Islamic sciences and culture in an effective way, the center is, having a brilliant background and possessing valuable manpower belonging to seminary and university, in possession of considerable potentials to answer intellectual needs of today's society.

Obviously, it will not be possible to be actively present in society without knowing the socio-cultural conditions and having profound Islamic beliefs. This center was established in 2007 with the aim of having an objective and future-based understanding of society using reliable scientific methodologies and following an Islamic approach. It has thus far published 13 works.

Research Departments

1.  Foundational Studies and Socio-Cultural Religious Studies.

2.  Studies Concering Clerics.

The most important published works

1.  William Skidmore, Theoretical Thinking in Sociology, translated by a board of scholars, 2006.

2.  Hasan Khabari, Religion, Media and Social Communications, 2010.

3.  Amanullah Fasihi, A Critique of Pragmatic Explanation of Religion, 2012.

4.  Cleric and the Demands of Present Society (collected specialized sessions), prepared by Muhammad Kazim Karimi, 2013.

5.  Sayyid Muhammd Hashimiyan, Management in Cultural Organizations, 2013.


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