Academy in Brief

The Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy affiliated to Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary which started its activities under the title of Islamic Studies and Research Center in 1984, was established with the definitive license of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
The Academy is a seminary-affiliated, research and scientific institution which deals with explicating and expanding the belief, perception, Islamic and revolutionary values and also cogitation and development of Islamic sciences and knowledge, through playing an active mediating role among seminaries according to the religious needs of people and The Islamic Republic of Iran. 
Explicating pure knowledge of Islam and refining religious culture from dogmatism and eclecticism.
The systematic explication of Islam and presenting efficient individual and social models appropriate for the needs of contemporary world through development, cogitation and empowerment of Islamic sciences.
Provision of scientific support for systematization and efficiency of religious government and Islamic Revolution.
Research Centers
Research Center for Quranic Sciences and Culture
Research Center for Ahlulbayt History and Conducts 
Research Center for Mahdiism and Future Studies (Futurology)
Research Center for Civilizational Islam
Research Center for Jurisprudence and Law
Research Center for Islamic Philosophy and Theology
Research Center for Political Thought and Sciences 
Research Center for Islamic Documents and Information Management
Research Center for Ethics and Spirituality
Research Center for Theology and Family


Center for Reviving of Islamic Works
Center for Islamic Studies of Society and Civilization
Center for Scientific and International Coordination
Scientific Groups
Number of Scientific Groups: 38 groups

Human Resources 
Number of full-time faculty members: 99 
Number of part-time faculty members: 10 
Number of full-time researchers: 40
Number of project-based researchers: 188

Number of libraries: Nine libraries, one digital library (comprised of 100,000 digital resource records)
Number of books: 235942 books in Persian, 111057 books in Arabic and 8058 books in English.

Research Plans 

Encyclopedias and Thesauruses
Published: 5                          In progress: 7
Published: 10                        In progress: 6
Published: 10                        In progress: 2
Published: 6                          In progress: 4
Macro projects 
Published: 19                        In progress: 33
Published: 746                      In progress: 355
Published: 19                        In progress: 5

Published works

Collection of published works: 1066 volumes ( 489 volumes of Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy publication, 456 volumes of Bustan Ketab publication, 90 volumes in Isfahan Branch, 17 works in partnership with Center of Civilization for Islamic Thought Development, Dar Al maaref Alhikmiah and Al-Hadaf Center in Beirut, 5 works in partnership with Samt publication).

Published works in progress: 84 volumes (50 volumes of Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy publication, 34 volumes in Isfahan Branch). 

Number of publications: 12 journals 
Number of softwares: 31 softwares 

The Academy's website is available through the following address:

Digital Publishing 
All the Academy's works and other departments in Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary, including books and journals are presented simultaneously via Pajoohan website. 

Scientific sessions
Critical and promotional sessions: 361 sessions (the highest rank among the educational- research centers and institutes of the country)
Scientific sessions: 1399 scientific sessions


National conferences: 35 conferences 
International conferences: 18 conferences
Memorandums of understanding
National MoUs: 67 MoUs
International MoUs: 10 MoUs

Board of Honors
Number of selected works in Farabi International Festival: 6 works
Number of selected works in Year Book of Islamic Republic of Iran Festival: 15 works
More than 200 works in various festivals, including Conference of Seminary Year Book, the Country's Religion-researchers Congress, Season Book of Islamic Republic of Iran, and Year Book of the University Students and so on have been selected.

Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy, Muallim Street, Shuhada Square, Qom, Iran.
Tel: 00982537744152
Fax: 00982537743177



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