Thursday, October 03, 2019 Mawsuat َAllamah Abdolhossain Sharaf al-Din
This work includes all the works of Abdolhossain Sharaf al-Din, Islamic and Shia scientist and reformist, respected by Shiite and Sunni scholars throughout the world of Islam. The late Allamah Sharaf al-Din is considered an advocate of Muslims unity and cohesion and a pioneer in the thought of proximity of Islamic religions. He was able to provide valuable services to the Muslim world through his profound knowledge, sublime thoughts, and high goals. Not only did he familiarize Islamic community with the rich cultural heritage of Islam through raising the flag of Jihad and Ijtihad and presenting his own thought and reformed plans, but also planted the seed of intimacy and friendship, cohesion and unity in the heart of Islamic community.

This valuable and rich series constitutes 565 sources, one entry (First volume, biography of Imam Sayyid Abdolhossain Sharaf al-Din Ameli) and 10 volumes.

The beginning of the book's entry is adorned with some of aphorisms of that great scientist such as: 
The guidance only will be spread from the place deviation is spread.
Politics has separated Sunnis and Shias, therefor, their unity is also feasible with management and politics.
Allah has preserved faith by Iran.
It is necessary for every Arab-Muslim to learn Farsi just as every Persian-speaking Muslim must learn Arabic.
Palestine is our homeland; we live on this land and will die on its soil.
Know that! Whoever dies in order to protect his homeland is a martyr.
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Mawsuat َAllamah Abdolhossain Sharaf al-Din, Abdolhossain Sharaf al-Din, Mawsuat
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