Monday, November 05, 2018 Center for Islamic Studies of Society and Civilization

After near a decade activity of the two research departments of ISCA, namely Center for Cultural and Social Studies and Civilizational Studies Department the activities of both were related to the social issues of contemporary Iran, in 2016 started a new phase of their activities as the Center for Social and Civilizational Studies.

The center is a religious studies organization providing strategic and intellectual support for strengthening the presence of religion in the social and personal life of contemporary Iran. The activities of the center are focused on the intellectual needs of the seminary and university elites, and the strategic needs of the heads of seminaries and the government.

•   Carrying out strategic theoretical studies based on the Islamic theories in the areas of society and civilization
•   Identifying, analyzing, and monitoring the religious status in Iran and reporting to the scientific and cultural centers and authorities
•   Recognition and study the social and civilizational status of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the future evolution of its society
•   Pathological studies of the cultural, social and, civilizational policies

Center for Islamic Studies of Society and Civilization has got three research departments:

1. Department for Civilizational Studies

Areas of Study

•  Modern civilization and the Islamic world
•  Modern civilization and civilizational otherness
•  Civilizational record of the Islamic Republic of Iran

2. Department for Cultural and Social Studies

Areas of Study

Development of religious culture and the clergy
Social issues and the clergy

3. Department for Justice Study

Research plans: 27 published works (in various languages), 41 being conducted

Research plans conducted thus far: 43

Books ready to be published: 8 volumes

Journal articles: 27

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