International Conference on Theory of Waiting for Imam Mahdi in the Thought of Ayatollah Khamenei
The Closing Ceremony of the Exhibition
The First Day the 5th Exhibition of Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary
Representatives of the Russian Institute for Oriental Studies Visit ISCA
Greek Ambassador Visits ISCA
Vatican Ambassador Visits ISCA 
ISCA Holds an English Meeting on Ibn Taymiyyas Changing Legacy
ISCA at the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair
A report of International conference on Imam Ali (AS), A Model of Justice and Spirituality for Todays World
Staff of ISCA and Islamic Propagation Office of Qom Seminary Meet with Ayatollah Khamenei
Representative of German Scientific and Research Institute (DAAD), Ahmad Keshavarzi visits ISCA
SPb Religion History Museum Officials visited ISCA
 Intl Conference on Iran-Arab Cultural Talks held in Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy, Qom, Iran/1
Critical dialogue: Review on Methodology of Comparative Studies
Scientific session: Revelation theories in political philosophy of Al-Farabi
International seminar on introducing the opportunities and capacities of interaction between research centers and universities of Qom and the Arab world
Scientific session: The Day of Ghadeer from Orientalists Point of View
Scientific session: Spirituality Concept on the Islamic Revolution Discourse
Scientific session: The Social-Cultural consequences of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)
President’s cultural adviser Hesamodin Ashna visit to the Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy(ISCA)
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